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A Great Visit from Friends
Sep 26, 2007
It is always Encouraging to see friends from the States. The last couple of days we have been able to spend time with some good friends from Phoenix, Ed & Adrienne Carty and their daughter Laura who is currently living and working in northern Germany.

It was so much fun and such an encouragement to us. Debbie and I were good friends with Ed back in high school and college. We have gotten to know Adrienne over the last couple of years and their daughter Elisabeth and I got to know each other last year at Bethany Bible Church. This was our first time to really hang out with Laura.

We talked, laughed, shared stories and saw some of the local sights. What a blast! As they leave my heart is truly refreshed. The Old Testament prophet Elijah became suicidal and ran into the desert and said, "I am the only one left". God reminded him that he was not the only one left, God told him that there are "seven thousand in Israel, all who have not bowed down to Baal and all whose mouth have not kissed him."

Debbie and I are kept alive everyday by people who pray for us, give to our ministry, write to us and in a thousand ways remind us that we are not alone. And often God seems to open up a face to face visits just to keep us from running into the desert looking to end our lives.

How we thank God we are not alone. How we thank God for all of the folks who are able to come and visit us. How we look forward to you coming to visit us!

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