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Another trip to the Frankfurt Airport
Aug 16, 2008
On Wednesday Debbie and I drove to the airport, we seem to make a lot of trips up there. It is about a 2 hour drive from our home. Often when we go it is really exciting because we are picking up friends who are arriving from the States. However, this week it was to take our friend Laura for her flight back to the USA so that she can begin her second year of college this fall. Laura has been a part of our ministry three times since the beginning of the year. Her first visit she came to take a break from her job as a nanny in northern Germany (2 weeks). Her second visit came when her job came to an unexpected end in March (6 weeks). Her third visit began in June when she came as an intern to help us and learn the inter workings of our ministry here (10 weeks). With each visit our friendship built so that Wednesday became a painful day for us as we said good-bye to our friend. Laura helped in so many ways. She was an extra pair of hands to help with all of the cooking and cleaning. She is especially gifted at relating to children and all the kids here fell in lover with her. She has learned to speak German and for the last 8 weeks has given me a German lesson every morning. Of course the problem with such a good friend and helper is how much you miss them when they go. I HATE saying good-bye. And yet that is what God seems to have called us to. It is what he called the Apostle Paul to as well. Of course I prefer my situation to his. I hate moving as much as I hate saying good-bye and most of the time I don’t have to move and say good-bye at the same time although we are no strangers to that series of events either. And, so far I get to live in nice houses and not 1st century prisons. Over the course of time Laura began to feel more like a daughter than a co worker or “intern” (her official title). Laura will be missed by everyone in Baumholder. I think the best part of heaven is that it will be a place where you don’t say good-bye.
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