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Ridding the Bus
Dec 11, 2007
I arrived in Denver last night after a 27 hour trip. (one of my flights got canceled which added a couple of real fun hours to the trip).

I am here for a couple of days hoping to help and hanging out with my son (David) . When I arrived last night it was snowing and it snowed most of the night. This morning it was beautiful with four inches of fresh power.

Early this morning David headed off to work. I could have rented a car and our home church here has offered one to me, but I am not going to be out and about much so I thought I would take the city bus when I needed to travel.

So this morning after I got cleaned up off I went. It was a beautiful walk of about of a mile to the bus stop. It was snowing lightly and brisk. I didn't wait long before the bus came. When I got on the first thing noticed were the folks looked tired and beat up. Matthew 9:38-40 came to mind immediately. I also noticed how much color was on the bus. There were blacks, whites, Asians, Mexicans and others.

As soon as the bus started everyone on the bus started talking to one another. As they started talking my first thought was these were "crazy homeless people"; these were the people my mother warned me about. However, after a couple of blocks what struck me was how polite and respectful they were to one another and to ME. We connected over a little dog that was ridding with his owner and the weather. Just small talk really, but it is the kind of talk that reminds us we are all in this thing together and there really is not much difference between us.

I would not want to take the bus everyday. It is too inconvenient. And I don't really want to ride my bike everyday because no matter where I live there will be days when it is too hot, cold, rainy etc. Maybe it is verity that I was made for; some days the bus, some days my bike, some days the car. Today it was good for me to be on the bus. I got connected (in a very small way) with a piece of the world which Jesus loves and I need to love too. The thing is, and I think that everyone who works with the poor will tell you this, the poor are no harder to love than anybody else. They only reason we don't love them is because we remove ourselves from them by where we live, how we commute and what we do with our free time. (i.e. we watch T.V. instead of tutoring). I don't ever want to remove myself from those that Jesus loves.
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