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January 2013
Jan 1, 2013

During January Debbie and I will be in Asia visiting our colleagues and works on that side of the world.   As a result the house will be closed for the month.  However Staci will be living here taking care of Sam.  She has the following activities planed.  If you have any questions give her a call.  


 4 Jan (Friday): Dinner at 18:00 in Downtown Baumholder at the Statkrug.
RSVP to this email so I can make reservations.
8 Jan (Tuesday): Bowling at 18:00 at Strikers Bowling Alley.   50 cent
game night!
11 Jan (Friday): Pizza 18:30 and Movie Night at the Festaburg.  The movie
is to be determined.  There is NO van pick up at the chapel so please
plan accordingly.
18 January (Friday): Potluck at 18:30 followed by Bible Study (again, no
van pick up). This may also be a training holiday for soldiers as it is
the beginning of MLK weekend.  MLK Day is Monday the 21st.
25 January (Friday) is still up in the air.  All I know for sure is that
this is a No School day for students (woohoo!).  Also, B & D will be
returning home this week.
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