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Jun 1, 2007
It's summer! Well the calendar says it is but as I look out my window this morning it is gray and rainy. However, we had so little rain in April it is really good for our plants and lawn and we are happy for the moisture.

And because the calendar says it is summer we are planning for summer this month. We are planning a bike trip along the Naha the 15-17 of June. June 17 is a special "bike along the Naha" day in Germany. We are not sure exactly what that means but many roads which normally have cars on them will be limited to only bikes. The plan is that several of us will have a trekking adventure on the 15 & 16 and then we will meet EVERYONE from our community who owns a bike for a special time together on the 17. It should be a blast!

During the next three months there are a LOT of folks who are coming into the community. We are looking for ways to meet them and invite them to the Festaburg. We hope that you will join us as when people are new to a community it become a strategic time for them to get involved in the right places.

On June 20 block leave begin. I will be running the van to the airport that day for anyone who is flying back to the USA on that day. Call for a reservation in the van.

Debbie is in charge of Vacation Bible School this year. VBS will actually occur until August 6-10, but during June we will be gathering materials & volunteers.

During this month we are also working on a plan to increase local giving here at the house. We are still consistently $2,400 a month short of what we need and we are working on a plan to increase the awareness of this need.

Please check out the calendar section and call if you have any questions.

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