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What's Happing March 12-19
Mar 12, 2007
Wednesday, March 14, Dinner and Discussion. Dinner will begin at 1830 with a discussion following. I will pick up anyone who would like to come in our big red van at 1800 in front of "C" company 2/6.

Friday, March 16, Dinner and Bible Study. Dinner will be at 1830 and Bible Study to follow. Child care is provided for $5 per child until 2200. Once again my big red van will be in front of "C" company 2/6 at 1800.

Our bunkroom will be open for any singles who would like to spend the night.

Saturday, March 17. Big trip to Mainz. We are going to take the train so it will be important to be on time if you want to be part of this trip. We will leave The Festaburg at 0815 sharp and take the 8:52 train from Idar-Oberstein to Mainz. We will return on the train at 19:00 arriving back at Idar at 22:04.

You will need to bring 12 Euros for the train and then some for food and treasures you may want to purchase.

What we will see:

In the centre of the city stands the six towered Cathedral of Martin and Stephen (begun 975) which ranks with the cathedrals of Speyer and Worms as one of the supreme achievements of Romanesque religious architecture.

We will visit the Gutenberg Museum. Johannes Gutenberg was born here and it was here in 1440 that he invented the first printing press. The first thing he printed a Bible which became known as a Gutenberg Bible. There are only seven in the world today and we will see one at the Gutenberg Museum.

The old town has narrow streets and half timbered houses. It is a really cool place and you'll get a lot of really neat pictures to send home.

Sunday, March 19 we will attend Chape1 1 for worship at 0930. Lunch will be served at the house at 12:30. We'll hang out and play games Sunday afternoon from 2 p.m. 5 p.m.

Monday, March 20 Bike Trip! The Festaburg will have our first bike trip of the season. We will leave the Burg at 0930 and bike to Birkenfeld for lunch and the bike back. The short trip has many steep hills and I promise you all a good workout.
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