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Weekend up Date
Jan 29, 2012
 We are finishing up another excellent weekend.    Friday night we had a good crowd gathered as we look at Ecclesiastes 1 and thought about how meaningless life without God really is.


On Saturday we helped our good friend Rosie hang a banner on the front gate.  Her husband and our good friend came home later that night from a year downrange.   



After we hung the banner we rode off to Ramstein Air Base where we went rock climbing, enjoyed dinner together, did a little bowling.   



We returned by 10 p.m. for a great home coming party. 



On Sunday morning we attended Bible Class and Chapel and then spend a quite day at home in conversation.


We are looking forward to a busy week.   We have our normal meetings on Wednesday night, Friday night, and PWOC on Tuesday.  In addition we have meetings in Baumholder, Wiesbaden and a run to the airport.  






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