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A GREAT weekend
Apr 30, 2012

It is hard to imagine a better weekend.   Friday afternoon and evening we were on base for a welcome home party thrown by the 170 brigade.   It was a fun time just hanging out with friends.



On Saturday the sun was shining and a group of us went on a volksmarch, then out for ice cream (nothing really better than spaghetti ice on a sunny day) and then dinner and Bible Study at the Festaburg.



On Sunday we had a good morning at chapel and then in the afternoon just over 20 folks joined us for a barbecue and volleyball.   (More sunshine.   After a long winter and wet spring it is really impossible to describe how much joy is gained from playing in the SUN!)


Of course in-between all the activity there were conversations:  some serious about how God is working in our lives, some silly about awkward family photos, and  some just logistical about how many more burgers should I put on the grill. 


Sam LOVED the volksmarch 

We have a great week coming up with Dinner & Discussion on Wednesday, Thursday a men’s Bible Study at the chapel, Dinner and Bible Study on Friday and then a trip to the Homberg Flee Market on Saturday.   I hope if you are in Baumholder you’ll make plans to join us.  If you are reading this from afar we really appreciate your prayers.

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