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Life is fast and busy
May 22, 2012
 The best way to describe our life right now is busy.  We are loving it and feel like our lives are filled with all the right things, but it is busy!



We have had several barbeques and volleyball on Sunday Afternoons.  On Saturdays we have been taking day trips with groups.  Over the Memorial Day weekend we will take just over 40 folks camping in Switzerland.    We are really looking forward to it.   These camping trips work best if Debbie buys all the food and does all the cooking for the weekend.  She is working hard!  


In addition to all the activity in Baumholder I made a trip out east last week for 4 days and visited our ministries in Bamberg and Grafenwoehr.  I had a good time being with our staff and talking about our trip to Burundi Africa July 7-14. This time we will be taking 15 folks from our military communities.



We thank God for the privilege of being here doing the work He has called us to.  Thank you all for your prayers and support.


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