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Normal Life
Aug 3, 2011
 Some times it is hard to write when life seems so normal.  I believe that God is doing some incredible things in our lives and in the lives our friends, but right now life is very normal for us.


Last Wednesday night we had a really good discussion on how to live a good life and what keeps us from doing that.  On Friday night we had a good Bible Study on I Cor. 12 as we thought together about our spiritual gifts and how God wants us to use them.



A couple of the guys had an afternoon off and they helped me build a thrown for PWOC.   I am not sure why PWOC needs a thrown, but I am happy to help.   This week I have written numerous e-mails, run errands, pick up friends at the airport, done some accounting, and fought with my computer (I think I am beginning to win the battle).  Just normal stuff.




We are not finished yet, but I think it's looking pretty good.

This week I fly to Phoenix where I will have a change to preach at Bethany Bible Church on Sunday.  I am excited about this opportunity.  Debbie will stay here and with our team of friends will keep the house open and things running while I am gone.


Thank you all for your prayers and support.   


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