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In Rota
Jan 24, 2014
 In Rota Spain
I am in Rota Spain this week (Debbie is home doing what needs to be done to maintain our life.  I love her for this.)   I am here with three goals.
  1. One, meet the volunteer who living in the Hospitality House here (named Victory Villa).  Victory Villa is temporarily  unstaffed  as our Cadence couple is in the states obtaining Visas to live in Spain.  This will take several months and we are so thankful for Greg who has agreed to live in the house and have a few meetings during the week while maintaining his very full time  Navy job.     

2. Find a contractor to fix the fence.  This is a major project which must be fixed to keep the property safe.   It currently looks like this: 
3.  Find the death certificate for a man who was on the board here and we have lost contact with.  It appears that Spanish privacy laws are going to make this more difficult than you might think.
I am enjoying being here.   The sun is bright and the ocean is really beautiful.  In addition to ocean views and sun I have time between meetings and am getting time alone to read.  It is really a wonderful assignment and a blessing to be here.  Tonight, dinner and Bible Study here at the Villa, looking forward to being with my brothers and sisters in Christ. 
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