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A Normal Weekend
May 8, 2012
 I love our “normal” weekends.   This last weekend was so normal and so wonderful.



On  Friday night we had our dinner and Bible Study  studding Ecclesiastes 7:1-6.   It is one of my favorite passages which says “It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting.”   We watched a couple of film clips and thought about the advantage of being at a funeral.


On Saturday we took a group to a large flee market about a hour from home.  It rained on and off and we got pretty wet but it was so fun just being together.



We hung out at home and played games.   




On Sunday we were in Chapel most of the day.  I taught the adult Bible Class, attended worship and then attended a farewell in the evening.  



We has a busy week this week with PWOC on Tuesday, dinner and discussion on Wednesday night, Thursday men’s study, Friday Dinner and Bible Study and a trip to Trier on Saturday after a men’s breakfast.   We are busy!  And we are loving it.


Thank you for all of your prayers.



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